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Are You WONDERFUL People?

June 4, 2011

Wonderful People

I haven’t had easy times but I’m doing a little better now. That’s enough about me for now. I’ll chat you all day on Twitter or Facebook – if you are up to it. But in this blog post, I want to introduce you to three wonderful people that are doing things to make this a better world.

Marie Horne Wikle, Nisha Varghese, and Tabitha are three wonderful people who make a difference.


Marie Horne Wikle

I met Marie a few years ago on Twitter. Her Twitter account is @spreadingJOY.

Marie’s tagline on Twitter:

Have a great desire to give big, but will simply give what I can until that day comes.

Knowing Marie as long as I have, I can tell you that she gives big.

Marie is helping to raise money for kids to have school back packs. You can find out how to help Marie at her website:


Nisha Varghese

I learned about Nisha from my friend Stan Faryna. Nisha is a twenty-year old from South Africa. She has Cerebral Palsy (cp). She can’t walk and her right arm has reduced functionality. Her twitter account is @Nisha360.

Nisha’s tagline on Twitter:

I’m a 20 year old woman with cp who lives to make a difference and inspire people to do the same.

Nisha is trying to raise $6,500 for The Water Project – an organization that provides clean water to impoverished communities all over the world.

Nisha writes:

I want to prove to the world that anybody can make a difference and change the world – even me, a twenty year old girl in a wheel chair.

You can give to The Water Project here:



Tabitha was born with out a right arm. Her left arm is half the length of a normal length arm. Her Twitter account is @504Uplifting. “Being handicapped does NOT define who I am,” writes Tabitha.

Tabitha’s tagline on Twitter:

We send LuvMail to children & adults with cancer, or ANY major illness. To receive LuvMail please email us 504uplifting(at)

The energy and love Tabitha puts into serving others has been an inspiration to me. Everyone, small or great, can be a servant leader.

Donations for postage stamps and love bags are needed. You can find out how to help Tabitha here:


Thank you for reading about my friends. I hope they inspire you to make a difference. If you can help them, please do. That would make you wonderful people too!

Do you know wonderful people? Feel free to share their story, work, and URLs here in the comments.

Yours truly,

Bonnie Squires

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