@bonnie67 has love enough for the whole world. #nicheamnesty

@bonnie67 has love enough for the whole world

I’m thankful to God. I’m thankful for you. It’s tough sometimes. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t love. There’s always more than enough love to go around. I hope you will remember that.

I was molested as a child. I was raped several times as a young woman. My dad was an alcoholic. He used to beat my mom. Until he died when I was 6. It hurts to remember these things.

I can’t always pay the bills. I worry about where we’re going to live. I worry about how I’m going to put food on the table. It hurts to think that I can’t do better for my family.

I have a physiological movement disorder. It effects my speech and my typing. It effects my legs and hands. It started when I broke my arm and didn’t get it treated. Things have gotten worse and worse.

There’s a lot of pain, fear, and sorrow in my life. But there’s a lot of love and joy in my life too. It’s a wonderful life and I’m thankful for it.

I love my family, dearly. They are my heart, soul, and life. I would do anything for them.

I’ve had 29 years with the love of my life. We have 8 kids. 4 girls. 4 boys. Our oldest is going to be 26. 6 out of 8 of our children have special needs. All of my children are gifts from God.

I love my friends – online and offline. They are gifts from God too. Stan Faryna, for example, encourages me to share my life, my love, and my heart with the world.

I don’t write well. I misspell. Sometimes, I don’t feel well. But he says that don’t matter. Stan says that what matters is what we bring from the heart. To bring it when I can.

Maybe you don’t believe in friendship. Life can be so hard and painful that you might have come to that conclusion. But if you open your heart to me, I will open my heart to you. I have a lot of love to give. I have enough love for the whole world.

If you don’t believe me, put me to the test. You don’t even need to believe in love. I got enough love for both of us.

What are you afraid of?

Yours truly,

Bonnie Squires

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40 Responses to “@bonnie67 has love enough for the whole world. #nicheamnesty”

  1. Stacey Herbert Says:

    Bonnie…there are tear in my eyes. Not for all the suffering you have been through..though this has been more than one person should rightfully be asked to carry…but your confession ” I have enough love for the whole world”…says so much more about who you are and what your made of, more than ANY of the bad..or not ..so good stuff! Stretching out my arms and heart to give you a big old hug girl…your a baddass…( In my world this means…AMAZING).X

    Having tech issues on my end..which are making me ill with anxiety…but doing my best to share with you all today…even if much later than originally planned. Thanks for sharing with such, openness, honesty and truth.

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Hi Stacey

      I just like to take this time to thank you for doing this one day
      of show and tell day. You Rock girl and putting it out there was
      great. I’ve met some wonderful people.

      My love for ever one comes from with in like God loves
      us all so do i.

      Hope you got your tech problems fix. It sucks when that happens.

  2. Betsy Cross Says:

    You are so beautiful. AND courageous! People like you give me hope to be more of who I am. I’m glad you’re still kicking around this wonderful world and reaching out with your huge spirit. You made a difference today. With me! Thank you.

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Hello Betsy

      Thank you for stopping. Betsy spread your
      wings and let the real you out be so nice to
      see the real you.

      I’m glad I made a difference in your day

      Hugs Bonnie

  3. Adrienne Says:

    Bonnie, this is my first time visiting your blog and you literally brought tears to my eyes. I can tell that you are a fighter, no one is going to keep you down. You could have given up and in years ago but you didn’t. You kept moving through the pain and now you have a wonderful life with a family of your own. I am truly touched by your story and honored to have this opportunity to meet you.

    You are definitely blessed and I’m so sorry you had so much to deal with in your life. Because of love, you are where you are today and surrounded by all those who love you. On and offline!

    God bless you,


    • bonnie67 Says:

      Morning Adrienne

      Yes I’m a fighter all ways have all ways will be.
      God has never let me down he all ways there
      when I need him and so is my family and friends
      on and offline.

      I all ways say God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.

      Thank you very much for your wonderful comment

    • Stacey Herbert Says:

      Hey Adrienne…well said..I was totally touched when reading this too. You gotta love this woman…for every knock down, she just keeps getting back up. A fighter or what? Go Bonnie.xx

      • bonnie67 Says:

        Hi Stacey

        Thanks so much for coming back and reading my post again.
        I’ve all ways been a fighter and all ways will be. I’m glad we
        met each other.

  4. nisha360 Says:

    Beautiful Bonnie simply beautiful! By the way Stan is right 🙂

  5. Lisa Says:

    What a wonderful soul you are… I am so glad to have met you…

    Take care

    Kindness pass it on

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Hi Lisa.

      I just love your fishy face ever time I see it I smile
      and I laugh. Wondering how did you come up with
      the name fishyface? I’m glad I met you to.

      take care
      Bonnie Squires

  6. Richard Bejah Says:


    I REALLY enjoyed your honesty…. and your blog… I did not realise the struggles you have had.. GREAT to see that you still have plenty of love to share Yes God is GOOD he allows us to experience pain and suffering BUT no more than we can bear… WE GROW from ALL our experiences GOOD and BAD..

    As you said ….

    I also ….don’t write well. I misspell. Sometimes, I don’t feel well. But he says that don’t matter. Stan says that what matters is what we bring from the heart. To bring it when I can.

    You don’t even need to believe in love. YOU’VE got enough love for ALL of us.

    What are you afraid of?

    My message to orall others is …………..GET OUT… STRETCH YOURSELF TRY NEW THINGS Be Prepared to make mistakes… The MORE mistakes that we make the BETTER.

    Keep up the great work RICH :0)

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Good Morning

      I’ve pretty much kept my life to my self because
      I don’t want people to feel pity or sorry for me but
      to look at me and say Wow she help me.

      That so true we grow from the good and bad experience
      in our life and no God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.

      I think getting out and doing things and making mistakes
      are good if you learn a lesson from them. God teaches us
      so many different lessons.

      Have a great day Richard

  7. Carolyn Nicander Mohr Says:

    Wow. I’ve read a lot of posts tonight but yours, Bonnie, is the one that I will be thinking about as I fall asleep tonight and wake up tomorrow morning.

    Thank you so much for sharing your powerful story with us. Your children are truly blessed to have you as their mother. You are such a special person, well honed by the challenges life has presented.

    Listen to Stan. Your spelling, grammar and other hurdles don’t matter. What matters is your message and you could not have delivered it any more poignantly.

    Many blessings to you and your family.

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Hello Carolyn

      You have touched me with saying that you will
      thinking about me when you go to bed and get up.

      I’m glad I was able to touch your life. I’m glad you
      thought my story was powerful. That was God guiding
      me in writing this blog post.

      Thanks so much for your comment it means allot to me
      Bonnie Squires

  8. Rob Cairns Says:


    I am so sorry. Let me share with you something, there is a charity in Toronto working on a Child Abuse Memorial. If you want more information on it, let me know and I would be glad to pass it on.

    I am sorry that life is so touch for you. If I can ever help let me know.

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Dear Rob

      Thank you so much and Yes I would like more info on
      Child Abuse Memorial. I’ll down load Skype today and
      we can set up a time to talk.

      Thanks for being my friend friend
      Bonnie Squires

  9. Jean Kelsey Says:

    You have been through more than the average person. What is inspiring is that you keep picking yourself up and use the bumps in the road to find a great place. ‘Do all you can and when you can’t do anymore God will help.’ Stay positive and keep being you.

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Hello Jean

      That is so true I keep dusting myself off God has plans for
      me but I just don’t know what it is yet.

      Thanks Jean for your comment

      Bonnie Squires

  10. Aaron Biebert Says:

    Bonnie, I agree. Don’t stop writing.

    Love conquers all. In the darkness, it is light. In the bitterness, it is sweetness. In the cold, it is warmth.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Christian Hollingsworth Says:

    Wow. Great post here. So true. Love tends to push away all the darkness because of it’s power. I like to think that darkness cannot exist when light is present; light vanquishes all dark.

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Christian nice to see you here.
      I never really thought about this
      about the light and darkness thanks
      for giving me some thing to think about.

      God bless you
      Bonnie Squires

  12. Stan Faryna Says:

    Bonnie… you are amazing. And don’t ever forget it.

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Good morning Stan

      Thank you for saying I’m amazing.
      I don’t think I’ll ever for get it. You
      the great mentor will be there to
      remind me.

      Thanks for being a great friend
      Bonnie Squires

    • Veronica Schultz Says:

      Bonnie, this is magnificent!! I love your heart and the essence of who you are. Yes, Stan is right. Bring it Sister!!

      Veronica Schultz, The Soul Whisperer

      • bonnie67 Says:

        Hello Veronica

        Thank you so much. I’ve so much
        to give to the world and I hope more
        than any thing my story will help others.

        Have a great week
        Bonnie Squires

    • Terri Nakamura Says:

      Lovely, Bonnie. Thank you very much for sharing the link with me. I’m a fan of Stan Faryna’s and I’m not at all surprised to learn he has encouraged your writing. I think when people write from the heart like you have done so here, it’s impossible to walk away without being affected.

      Wishing you well, and hoping for good things to come your way.

      Warm regards,


      • bonnie67 Says:

        Terri it is honor to me that you have come and
        made a comment on my blog thank you very much.

        Stan Farna and I go way back and he has done
        so much for me not only encouraged me but,he
        has all ways been there for me all ways saying
        you can do it just believe in yourself.

        I hope you have a wonderful day
        Bonnie Squires

    • barb19 Says:

      Bonnie, you have a beautiful soul and I am honoured to call you my friend.

      • bonnie67 Says:

        Good day Barb

        Thanks so much for your comment. We go way back about 4 years
        now and you have touch my life. I’ve all thought of you like a 2nd mom
        all ways there for me.
        The honor is mine to have you as a friend

        Bonnie Squires

    • Marie Says:

      We all fear, we all worry, we all wonder. the difference is as a Christian, we all have the never ending love of an almighty God that loves us as HIS child.

      you are awesome!!


    • Jack King Says:

      Bonnie, like your children, you, too, are a gift from God. Your love showers us warmly, and lets us know everything will be ok. As Stan has said, you are amazing! Thank you for being a bright light in my life – in our lives. I am deeply grateful for our friendship. Love and hugs, Jack

      • bonnie67 Says:

        Good morning Jack

        Thank you so much for your comment.
        I’m grateful for our friendship and i need
        to chat more with you.

        Have a great day
        Bonnie Squires

    • Erica Allison Says:

      This a truly beautiful post and such an outpouring of love from you and to you here in the comments. I am glad you came by my blog the other day and that I FINALLY made my way over here.
      Such struggles in your life…that have led to such beauty.
      Bless you and your family.

      • bonnie67 Says:

        HI Erica

        I’m glad you made it over to my
        blog. Thanks for the wonderful comment.
        I enjoyed your blog to.

        Have a wonderful day
        Bonnie Squires

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