Does Age Matter When Your In Love

I’ve all ways believe age doesn’t matter when your in love. I’ve had allot of talks about this. My husband is 11 years older than me. He 54 I’ll be 43 soon.

There are people who think it is sick for a man older like in there 40’s dating a 20 year old. But I feel if they are happy and he treats her rite than more power to them.

The thing is when your young and in love you don’t think about what comes with age.

What I mean by this is when you young say in your 20’s and 30’s and in love with a older person things are great. You go to beaches,out on dates,make love all not long.

Once you hit a certain age things do change. I know because my body isn’t like it use to be 10 years ago.
I know to because of my husband.

What comes along with getting older?
There any number of things but I’ve seen so much with my husband. He use to be so alive and full of life.
Now things have hit him hard.

There is eye sight,heart problems,
back problems,leg pain and so much more.

This doesn’t mean it will happen to ever one but it is some thing for people who are in a relation ship to think about weather it is a younger man in love with older women or a older women in love with a younger man or two people the same age.

No I wouldn’t change any thing with my husband. He is my life my heart and my soul mate. I would do any thing for him. Just like I know he do any thing for me.

Look forward to your comments or questions.

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29 Responses to “Does Age Matter When Your In Love”

  1. Beth Layne Says:

    Age matters not. Only the love between two hearts.

  2. Rose Elliot Says:

    My sis married a guy 25 years older than her and my bro married a girl 10 younger. If the shoe fits…

  3. venenadia28 Says:

    I am glad that you think age doesn’t matter. I believe that as long as people are in love it doesn’t make a difference but there are so many different opinions out there. I think it all comes down to our own convictions. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights!


    • bonnie67 Says:

      Thank you very much venenadia
      I’ve been in to some heated debates over this on other sites. But I stand behind mine about age not matter when your in love.

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  6. Fawn Thomas Says:

    Great post Bonnie.

    Certainly very thought provoking..

    I say age does not matter..

    It is our ability to age/change and evolve together and still love one another inspite of the changes that will happen to all. We know that age can change one but so to can illness accidents and life generally..

    When one meets there spouse I think we are at our best life is one long honeymoon, it is the living with someone for years and knowing them well and still thinking there is noone else that I can go through this experience with then you know you have found the right person.

    Give love and be loved! Age with grace remember that each line we have we have earned embrace them!! The lines tell a story, make sure the next chapters are happy ones! there are many cultures who find older woman more attractive.

  7. Annette Okorocha Says:

    I would really not like it if my son comes home with a woman who is almost as old as I think love is the most important thing, but a blessing of both parents is very important!
    Bonnie thank God it works for you but a have my doubts about it and have seen it in many cases go wrong.
    Most of the time it went wrong after 20 years marriage, and that is so said to see, but thank God its not your pies of cake.
    Hope you get my English.

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Thank you Annette for your comments.

      I can understand where your coming from.

      Just like in any relation ship you have to
      work at it. It not all ways Roses but if you
      love each other you can over come any thing.

  8. Luis Says:

    I have lost relationships because I was too young and made her feel uncomfortable.

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  10. urbanminister Says:

    As long as people are in love it shouldn’t make a difference, but I do think 25 years is extreme. It’s important for all of us to stay in shape and healthy. If I had more than 4 or 5 years on the love of my life, I’d make every effort to stay in tip top form. Looks and health are very important. Even if they don’t seem to matter now, they will in the future.

    Thanks for thre great post,
    Follow me on twitter

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Thanks very much for your comments

      To me it doesn’t matter about looks it is
      what is on the inside that counts. If you
      can see beyond beauty in the person and
      see the true beauty that lays inside the person
      heart and soul that is what matters the most.
      Love will win out.

  11. Dragon Blogger Says:

    When I lived in NY, I had a 93 year old neighbor who was married to a 57 year old woman. He was still active and shoveled snow off of his fellow neighbors driveways every morning. It wasn’t a marry for wealth thing either, they both just had fallen in love and were married since she was 30 and he was near 60. Love knows no age, though you deal with unique problems like one having health issues far before the other and not being to keep up or be at the same “physical” age. Also, I don’t believe people in their twenties or late teens should be with anyone older than a few years because they haven’t fully experienced life yet, have not had a chance to make their mistakes and make a life for themselves. For anyone over 26+ or so, age doesn’t matter.

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Thanks Dragon for your comments.

      Do to the fact I was 16 and left home I do
      agree about young teens and love. If at 18
      or 20 they are still with the person and want
      to be with them than fine. Let the love go on.
      But i do believe a child should grow up first.

  12. Alysia Says:

    I always thought that age did not matter…In fact, I was married to a man 18 years & 8 months senior to myself! and my childrens “father” is 10 years & 10 months older also! But, i do know when I WAS married to my husband, there were always hurtful things he would make comments to me about how I need to find a guy closer to my age, and how I am soo young, and have alot to learn, etc…Thanks to his grown age – I have learned alot from him, and Love him still to this day! But, have ill feelings also, as I wish he only had more confidence in himself – than maybe today we would’ve still been married 😉 Well…To say the least…I now have a boyfriend that is 33 years old (I am 30) he has 2 children of his own, and I have 2 of my own – and neither of us wish to have anymore ❤

  13. Alysia Says:

    Awe…life goes on!! And, actually, I am still “friends” with the man that I was married to 🙂

  14. Klutzy Says:

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!!
    I am dating a great sweetie almost 14 years younger but an awesome companionship online to be with!
    It’s incredible to me how one person can make such a big difference in my life. 😀 ❤

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Hi Jan

      I’m so happy to hear this
      you go girl. 🙂 Yep I know
      how you feel it is now 28 years
      hubby and I been together and
      he all most 12 yr older than me.

      • Klutzy Says:

        I am going to have to call your hubby to find out his secrets on “Happiness to my best friend forever!”

      • bonnie67 Says:

        Jan it has been easy.
        It has had it up and downs.
        Nothing perfect but if you
        work at it and your honest
        and open no lying or cheating
        things should be fine

  15. Charlott Cranmore Says:

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  16. grace Says:

    me too i belive that age does’nt matter!!! i luv my hny sooo mch though he is 3 yrs younger thn me.

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