Help My Friend Vicki Keep Her Home


I met Vicki about a year ago my be a little more on yuwie. She is a kind and caring person. She has become like a sister to me. We talk about ever thing and any thing.

Let me tell you a little about Vick.
She a wife and a mom. She is very unselfish and puts others before herself. Several months ago on yuwie she seen a friend needs help and put up a blog for here and it inspired others to do the same.

Back in January Vicki help me with some graphic. One of my blogs and
a club I’m Moderator of was nominated for a Bloggie 0scar and Vicki for got to change a picture for me. So she send a message oh sorry i’ll get the graphic down rite away.
She did for me knowing the next day her lights and phone could be turned off.

Vicki is a stay home mom. Her husband worked for General Contractor for 2 years but hasn’t gotten fully paid. They are both looking for work with out any luck.

So now they are facing losing there home and ever thing.

I see Vicki on yuwie and I asked how was she doing. This is the message I got.

Hi Bonnie…
Gosh I wish I had better stuff to say….but neither of has has found any work yet and things are getting down to the wire….I am trying really hard to keep my chin up an not panic and think positive but its kinda hard when you dont know if you are going to be homeless soon or not.
we gave te landlord $1000 in mid feb when he last got paid but we owed her more than that and now she is calling wanting her money and we just dont have it…the phones get shut off on the 27th and I called the electric co today and they gave me til the 28th so we have about 5 days left….I am just hoping for something to come through before then….but i know everyone else out there is in the same boat. Well i am doing better than i used to…normally by now i would have completely paniced and fallen apart and be in bed crying….at least i am keeping it together for now…i am reading a lot of Wayne dyer and deepak Chopra so that helps…and having friends to talk to always helps..i don’t know any peole around here because i was homeschooling since we moved here 7 years ago and i never got out and met anyone….im glad i have you and my yuwie friends….

I’m hoping with this blog ever one will be kind and help her out if not please say a prayer for Vicki and her family.

Vicki you know me if i had the money rite now i would give it to you. But now i don’t have it. You are in my prayers.

I can’t get the chip in widget to work you can go here for the chip in widget. Its the same page but the widget showed up there.

Vicki Chip in widget page

Please feel free to leave Vicki or Myself a comment below.

You can all so find me on Twitter.

7 Responses to “Help My Friend Vicki Keep Her Home”

  1. Lonnie Says:

    Sorry to hear about Vicki! I wish there was something I can do to help. I would give you some money if I had it. But then again if I did have it would it help. Because it may help for now but then you will still be in the same boat later.

    Vicki, there is a business out there for you and your husband but you have to be dedicated to working it if you want to make it. Do not get rid of your computer because it is going to help you succeed. I know you are not going to want to here this, but to keep your electric on start selling some of your things for now. Check out the web site and watch the video. This is huge and it will bring you and your husband out of debt and put you on the right track. After watching the videos let me know if you want to get involved. It is not an MLM or Network marketing and there is a way to join for FREE but you and your husband have to be willing to do some work.

    Same with you Bonnie!

    P.S. Remember this people who where in the advertising business survived the Great Depression in 1934. Bob McNulty is the person behind all this.

    • pixeltwistr Says:

      Thanks Lonnie…
      I am more than willing to work as hard as it takes but i do not have any money for joining programs at this time….if this is truely a free to join thing then by all means send a link and i will check it out….
      I hadve no intention of getting rid of my computer as i am a graphic designer when i can get work and cant do any work without it….however it wont be much use to me without electric….but i havent given up yet….i still have til hopefully monday as they gave me til the 28th but that is saturday and i dont THINK they will shut it off on the weekend but i dont know…
      And we have sold a bunch of our stuff….I dont own any jewelry except my wedding ring which will probably be next to go 😦 and we just dont have a lot of fancy stuff to sell off to begin with as we live a humble life as it is. But work I will happily do!!! I totally believe in earning what you get …but i also believe in peole helping people which i try to do as well when i am in a position to do so.
      Thanks again Lonnie and send along that link
      Love and Light

  2. pixeltwistr Says:

    Oh Bonnie…you go above and beyond when it comes to friendship…I can’t thank you enough.
    And thank you ALL…some of you I know and some I haven’t met yet but I truely appreciate ALL of you. Thank you for the kind words and prayers as well as the donations. I am doing my best to hang in there and “Be still”..
    I know we are all in a huge sinking ship together and I am praying for all of you too. I know things will get better eventually…I just hope we can all get through until it does!
    Thank you all so much

  3. Barb Says:

    Hi Vicki
    Bonnie told me about your plight, and my heart goes out to you and your family.
    My daughter and her family are in the same position – her hubby can’t get work, and they don’t know where to turn. They are going to lose their house. We live in Australia and talked to our daughter yesterday for hours; she was in tears – they have 2 kids to feed too.
    We are not in a position to help them financially – all we can say is please try to stay positive, and we offer our prayers to her and to you.
    Barb xx

    • bonnie67 Says:

      thank you so much barb for your kind words.
      i’m sorry about your daughter and her family
      i will keep them in my prayers.

  4. Bruce Says:

    Hey Vicki and Bonnie

    I just now became aware of this blog.

    I’m laidoff, too, and have nothing to contribute but prayers and well-wishes.

    How about an update, though?



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