My Business Journey

I’m feeling like the little engine who could. You remember as he went up that bill hill. All he kept saying is I think I can I think I can.

Well I’m not saying I think I can but What I’m saying is I can do this.

I will succeed at this. I will become a successful Business Leader and so can you.

We will have a successful social media agency.

Together, you and I can build the foundation for a social media agency.
We are building the foundation for a social media agency. Once we have 20 people on the same page and ready for the next step, we will bring it all together and make a social media agency.

Getting on the same page means understanding the who, what, where and why of social media and search marketing. It means we know things. It means we can answer questions. It means we can help others figure it out. And it means we can make use of social media and search marketing as an effective marketing channel.

Anyone who wants to get on this team is welcome as long as they bring honesty, loyalty, patience, enthusiasm, helpfulness and determination. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. The past is the past. Together, we will move forward, learn, understand and help each other to get there.

I expect everything of you that I would expect of a best friend. You can expect the same from me.

Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin are the first social networks that we’ll focus on. They are top social media platforms. But they are also very different from each other. In the future, we can expand to figure out other social media such as Youtube, Flickr, Digg and others. We’ll also need to know search marketing and become Google’s Ad Word professionals.

What we are doing is building our core competency as a social media agency. Our core competency will be to advise and message. We will advise customers on how to effectively communicate their unique messages through social media and search marketing. And we will help customers get their message out there.

It’s going to take time to build our individual and corporate reputation for honesty, accomplishment and results. We will be working with mentors and advisors to guide us along the way.

I’m very excited about this. I hope you are too!


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41 Responses to “My Business Journey”

  1. uberVU - social comments Says:

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by bonnie67: @RYOndong here is about my business please look and comment all so check your dm…

  2. Daniel Stoica Says:

    Sounds to me like the Little Engine that Will!

    You are successful, therefore you Will.

  3. @hannibal666 Says:


    It’s a strong vision. Let’s work together to define smart and achievable goals and tasks. Sign me up!


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  5. cash vo Says:


    This is fantastic! You have your goals and vision very clearly defined. I wish you the best of luck…

    How does one get “there” with you? 😉

    Also, I like the way you start out this post. It immediately reminded me of how I am training my 5 year old son about learning the Piano…At first he kept say, “I can’t do it.” and he would get really sad and down and frustrated from me telling him that “You can do it.” …

    Only when I convinced him to say the declaration himself did his entire manor and spirit changed. The statement I told him to repeat is: “I can do it.”

    Now, everytime when you hear himself saying, “I can’t do it.” He would immediately stop and say, “I can do it.”

    It is amazing to see his energy shift and the statement confirmed to him that he can do it and that it is fun and easy to play the Piano!

    Go for it Bonnie…”YOU can do it!”

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Thanks Cash for your comment.
      I love how you are being positive in
      your son life.

      I’ll send you an message later today
      about the business.

      I know I can do this.

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  7. @hannibal666 Says:

    Enlightenment: Did you mistake today for yet another ordinary, insignificant day? Unfold your wings. Greatness awaits you. Impatiently.


    • bonnie67 Says:

      No Tim
      Its not another ordinary, insignificant day?
      It is going to be a grate day. I’ve emailed
      you but no answer yet.

      I’ve added another member to the team.
      Looks like we might have lost 1 to.
      I’m in talks with 2 other people about the joining
      the team?

      So what is this about you blogging?
      Do you have a face book and Linkedin
      account yet? What about google ad words.

      I’ve all ready joined on Linkedin and google
      ad words.

  8. Robin Says:

    Hi Bonnie,
    If you’re looking for a graphic designer, I can help! Good luck with everything…

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Hi Robin

      Thanks for the comment.
      We are looking for any one
      who is interested in joining
      the team. If you like to know
      more just let me know.

  9. Install Business Software Says:

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  10. Install Communication Software Says:

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  11. Casseylim Says:

    that’s a nice example, the little engine 😀
    i’m sure you will make a successful business leader,
    as you have a good and kind heart to start with.
    And being able to influence and inspire everyone around you.

  12. Getting to Know YOU! Says:

    […] Bonnie Squires follow her on twitter @bonnie67 – Wife and Mom of 8. I have many interest Crafts, Recipes & Social Network sites. (Love her blog article called Just Some Hugs – I love hugs!!) Read more about Bonnie. […]

  13. serwis pracy Says:

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  14. Madeas Big Happy Family Says:

    Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts

  15. Day 287 | Adventures of me Says:

    […] twenty year life – and tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign – I woke up to find that Bonnie (@bonnie67) made a donation – seven kids most of who have disabilities and she still managed […]

  16. Day 296 | Adventures of me Says:

    […] Tana (@woveneye3) made a PayPal donation which I will donate to my campaign on her behalf ASAP and Bonnie (@bonnie67) made two more donations – you guys are AWESOME thank you SO much for your support […]

  17. Christian Hollingsworth Says:

    Loved reading about your goals and what you’re developing here Bonnie. So wonderful. Keep up the great work – because as we all know – the little engine made it.

  18. Derek Potocki Says:

    Hi Bonnie,
    Just stopped to say Hi,
    Stacey from mylifestylemax mentioned you are awesome.
    Hope to get to know you better.
    Derek @goalsblogger

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Hi Derek

      It was nice of you to stop by. Stacey is a awesome lady.
      I hope to get to know you better to and i’ll add you on twitter

  19. Lynette Says:

    I know you can do it! I can’t wait to read more of your blog posts.

  20. Says:

    Good Morning Bonnie,
    Hope you are having a good good morning… Count me in, you are one tough Mama… Let me know what is the next step! Woot Woot…

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Hi Lisa

      All we need is more people to donate even if it is $1.00
      and just pass the word on about this blog post. Thanks so
      much for your support Lisa.

  21. Adrienne Smith (@AdrienneSmith40) Says:

    The little engine that “Can” driven by none other than Bonnie herself. I have no doubt that you will accomplish anything you set your mind to Bonnie.

    You have a clear vision and know who you want to work with. Two big things already out of the way.

    Best of luck to you my friend.


    • bonnie67 Says:

      Hello Adrienne

      Thanks so much for your comment.
      Yep i’m the little engine that could I love
      that story as a child and still do.

      I know I set my mind to it I’ll be able to do what ever i want.

  22. Karla Campos (@GigLogo) Says:

    This is wonderful Bonnie, I wish you much success in your business : ) have a great day!

  23. Martha Giffen Says:

    Good for you! Sound like you’ve got a plan. Good luck in all your endeavors!

  24. Annette Mcmannus Says:

    I have a couple of weblogs a single distinct my individual and also the various other which can be my personal school web site.I’m going to publish some element inside university weblog.Hope you usually do not thoughts

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