Paid Social Network Sites

I stated a little over a year ago
with paid social network sites.
I was on myspace and a friend told
me about a site that would pay you
for the same thing you did on myspace.

At first i thought this be a great way to make money and easy to but i found out that not to be so true.

So i started using these site to see if i could put a business link or a business blog or some other program.

I found out on some you can put just about any thing you want. On others you can put business things in certain places. Other sites you can’t do any business on them or you end up getting locked or ban from the site.

I find most of them work the same way. Post pay for more than the first level and pay for things you do on the sites. I only found one that works referrals on the honor system which is you have to put the person why referred there in yourself. I’ve only found one site that gives you points.

I enjoy most of the sites but most of the people aren’t as friendly on some of these sites as other sites.

More to come on this. I’ll do some blogs on the different sites and what can and can’t be done.

Thanks for looking and have a great day.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

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Kansas 2:32 pm

One Response to “Paid Social Network Sites”

  1. n a n d a Says:

    hi there
    same question from me
    im a new blogger and really want to earn some cash online
    so far only heard about yuwie and mylot
    only heard, im not earning anything, not yet
    i think it’ll help if u can give recommendation or review abt sites u use


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