Pictures Of Me

These are pictures of me. Some are all so with me and the kids. I just wanted some ideas of which picture would be best to use on a social network site or a business to business site.

Picture #1

Picture #2
This is another picture of me

Picture #3

These pictures are 3 years old.
All but the one at the pumpkin patch that was last year.

Daughter and me
Picture #5
Daughter birthday

Picture #6
Last year at the pumpkin patch

22 Responses to “Pictures Of Me”

  1. donna e platt Says:

    hey i like pic 5 i like the on at the pump patch but your daughter looks mad didnt want her pic taken huh lol

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  3. bronzie Says:

    i like pic #5 sis..its cute

  4. Jan Bosley Says:

    Great pics! Bonnie

  5. Vince Says:

    Lovely kids Bonnie@
    Never been lucky in love I’m afraid, am still a batchelor!
    But got my family that I love.

  6. Casseylim Says:

    Cute pics. your daughters look like you 🙂 lovely

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  8. kim Says:

    lovely pics bonnie thanks for sharing

  9. Hal Brown Says:

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing this.

  10. ahmadzul Says:

    lovely honest pixs. me thinks te first 3 pixs r too hazzy. maybe choose pix 6 n crop it so tat it only shows u. imho. gr8 family pixs.

  11. Fawn Thomas Says:

    Love them! Thank you for sharing!

    My faves are: 3 n 5, though all are wonderful and show your kindness in the warmth of your smile.

    Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year

  12. Siglinde Gerstner Says:

    Hi, dear Bonnie

    I like pics 2 and 5. You look so naturally on these pics.

    I wish you and your family a happy New Year.

    Kind regards
    Siglinde (selamo)

  13. Martha Says:

    Nice Pictures, Bonnie. Makes me feel like I know you a bit better. Puts a face to my friend. I lived in the country all my young life and half the other. I enjoy country life. Your children are beautiful, they are God’s creation He made to love. Love You Girl, I know we have never met personally but since you shared with me I feel we share a bond. We are both going thru
    some heavy storms, but be encouraged we will come out to a world of sunshine and favor.

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