Stan Faryna And Bonnie a mom

Stan favorite moby song.

Who is Stan Faryna?

Stan Faryna is the founder and co-founder of several technology, design and communication companies in the United States and Europe including Faryna & Associates, Inc., Halo Interactive, and others.

Stan to me is a great mentor and leader. He a very good friend.
Stan bring out the best in ever one.

He is a father to Johnny who he spoils allot.

Stan has shown me that I’m more than just a mom. He has helped me
lean so much about the online business word and becoming a leader and mentor myself.

How did i meat Stan? I met Stan
all most a year ago. We met on yuwie. He sent me a friends request.
Saying pretty flower want to be friends? I have to say most men don’t even notice that pink rose or flower that i use. So that did get my attention and i thought any guy notice the flower there got to be some thing interesting about him.

As time went on he had told me he
was running for Yuwie Idol. Still hard to believe him running for Yuwie Idol. He did come in the top 10 and had my vote ever day. Stan and some other friends talk me into running for season 2 but it never happen.

Stan and I talked for hours on end about different things. One day he asked about clubs on Yuwie.
I gave him my thoughts and ideas.

Couple days latter as I was going to leave him a comment I noticed a blog up. Well it was a blog about a club. So i started following page after page of this. I hope i didn’t annoy Stan to much because i sent him ever link that was broke or didn’t go to a page and told him it need to be fixed. This went on for a couple weeks.

Than on May 12,2008 PayUp was a club. What does PayUp stand for
Professional Association of Yuwie’s up-line professionals.

We invite all our friends to Payup.
I think the first day we had 60 to 100 members. Payup has grown since than. We have over 1,200 members now.

Payup is the leading club on yuwie
it has done things no other club has.

We are the first club to have graphic’s,a news letter that done by hand, blog contest for money.
But we all so have our Gold Member Circle. These are our leader and mentors of the group. Rite now we are at 38 Gold Circle members and working on 39. We have gotten some things changed on yuwie .
We are the ones to take up issue that my be wrong on yuwie. I’m the one ever one came to for help with becoming a Gold Circle Member.

Payup was all so the first club with it own banner.

Thanks Mihai for making the banner.
Mihai and Stan allso made some How To page. These came about from my
blogs I did on making a simple link,using yuwie blog editor and how to change 3 blog into 10 on yuwie.
Those are the blogs you can see.

PayUp did so well that we was nominated for Best New Club. I got word about this back in January.
Just before my birthday i was told that we was up for Best New Club.
This was done by Fran Corpier.

There are thousands and thousands of clubs on yuwie only 5 clubs was picked for Best Club and Best New Club. It was an honored to have Payup picked. There was all kinds of nice prizes to. Thanks Fran for the Bloggie 0sars they was so much fun

All so these are our graphics we can display any where to show off.

Frans Awards  - 2009 Bloggie 0scar Best New Club at
Frans Awards ™
Frans Awards  - 2009 Bloggie 0scar Best New Club at
Frans Awards ™
Frans Awards  - 2009 Bloggie 0scar Best New Club at
Frans Awards ™

Since the Bloggie 0scar we have picked some new members to. I belive Payup has come a long way and will keep doing great and amazing
things on yuwie.

Thanks Stan for giving me this chance to be more than a mom.

I all so enjoyed working with Mihai,
Nicole,luminita, ioana. Learning about the click threw with the banners and other things about the online business word. These are friends Stan brought to yuwie to help out.

Stan I look forward to working with you and the others in the future on social media or any thing else.

If you want to get in touch with Stan you can on Twitter.


Stan means this
I welcome opportunities to make professional and personal connections. Regardless of who you are and who you know (or don’t know), don’t be shy. Reach out to me. As you can see by me.

If you want to get in touch with me you can on Twitter.


Thanks for stopping by and looking at my blog. I hope you will leave me a comment. Have a great day


3 Responses to “Stan Faryna And Bonnie a mom”

  1. Marty McPadden Says:

    What a wonderful story and example of people helping people. Thank you Bonnie for sharing this with me.

  2. Betsy Cross Says:

    Bonnie and Clyde!! You two are so much fun! Hey Bonnie, we were us before we were wives and moms! And that’s who we will always be at our core, everyone adding to it, but never taking anything away! This post was great!

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