Stan Faryna


I can remember when I met Stan.
It was back on Yuwie all most 2 years ago. I had thought I was meting another jerk of a man but I was wrong about that.
To read more about what we did you can go here Payup
I got to know the person before I new the business man. Stan is a gentleman. He is very kind and nice,sincere,caring person.

Over the weeks and months I learned about Stan and about him and his business. If I had know before hand who he was I would have ran away from him. I’m glad I got to know the real person first.

Stan as a business person,leader and mentor. Is awesome to.

Stan has away about him. He is one
of a kind person. I’ve never met any one like him before.

He encourages me to do better of myself.
He has push me out of my comfort zone. I’m doing things I never though was possible before. Stan all ways positive and see the good in ever thing. He never has given up on me.

If it wasn’t for Stan I wouldn’t be doing the things I’m doing today.

I want to thank you for ever thing you have done for me in these 2 years. Being my friend my mentor. Encouraging me,pushing me, not letting me give up,helping me,believing in me and not given up on me. Thank you for being you.

I’m honored to gotten to know you and to call you my friend Stan. xoxox

I hope you enjoyed my blog on Stan.

These are some of the things I’ve have learned from Stan.

1. It doesn’t matter who you are today, someone needs you and what you can do.

2. Believe in yourself. God has given us to the world for good reason. Never doubt the good you can do!

3. You can do anything good that you set your mind and heart to do. God will even help you – if it is truly good.

4. Do things big. If you do it out of your love and compassion, the bigger, the better.

5. The only thing that prevents you from being a leader and a mentor is if you don’t assume responsibility for what you want to make happen

6. Be professional in the work: keep your word (exceptions only when necessary), solve problems- don’t make more, be useful and helpful.
Do not take advantage of those with less intelligence or understanding, build bridges – don’t burn them, and do amazing things

7. Just because a person is more successful or accomplished than you, doesn’t mean you can’t make a contribution that is worthwhile.

8. Just because a person is more successful or accomplished than you today doesn’t mean they got there the right way or they know everything.

9. Just because someone is more successful or accomplished than you are today doesn’t mean you can’t get further than they could hope for.

10. Successful people can help you build your success – if you ask for help. If they don’t want to help, they just aren’t what they seem.

This goes back to a yuwie problem but a good thing to learn.

11. Not to argue with people it only gets your goat. To be the bigger person and walk away.

12. I don’t have to ask Stan or any one to do some thing. Just do it.

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18 Responses to “Stan Faryna”

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  2. Patti Says:

    Thank you for sharing this Bonnie. There are so many people in my life who have made a difference for me as well – and when I witness someone showing appreication it reminds me to do so as well.

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Thank you Patti. I’m glad you like my blog.
      Stan has made a big impact on my life and i
      wanted him to know it and know I’m very thankful.

  3. RYOndong Says:

    Gratitude is a calling that only few of us respond to. It’s the sibling of Count Your Blessings. Your post shows both and promotes both.
    As what Patti mentioned previously in the comment that there are people “that have made a difference” in our lives. The thought of it and sharing it is also both an opportunity and a blessing at the same time.
    A golden opportunity and one great blessing!
    Your post made me reflect of the many people who have brought a touch of difference in my life. With a smile and an open heart, you made me thankful. Lots of thanks!

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Hello Rommel

      Thank you for your comments.
      I’m glad that my blog has made
      you reflect on your life and i’m happy
      it help you.

  4. @hannibal666 Says:

    “Over the weeks and months I learned about Stan and about him and his business. If I had know before hand who he was I would have ran away from him.”

    He was a pirate? LMAO! So what was so scary about Stan and what he did?

    Or did you mean to say that his successes and accomplishments as an entrepreneur, technologist and online expert somehow intimidated you?


    • bonnie67 Says:

      Hi Tim

      The answer to your questions below is yes ever thing i found out
      about Stan did intimidated. But like I said I got to know him for the
      person he is kind,caring,loving.

      Or did you mean to say that his successes and accomplishments as an entrepreneur, technologist and online expert somehow intimidated you?

  5. @hannibal666 Says:


    A wonderful tribute. A beautiful act of thanksgiving. Seems to me that he’s lucky to have you as a friend.


  6. MaryLou Says:

    What a wonderful and complete tribute to a person!!! He sounds like the kind of person everyone needs in their life.
    I am glad that you met him and that he has been there to influence you in all the right ways!

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  8. The Soul Whisperer Says:

    This is beautiful. I’m sure it touched Stan to have such nice things said about him. It seems to me that you both are blessed from your mutual friendship!

    I agree with what you said, that if you ask for help, you will find help! and don’t worry about those who can’t or won’t!

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Hello Veronica

      I agree Stan and i do have a blessed mutual friendship.
      If it wasn’t for him I think I still be down and not doing any thing
      but playing games on FB.

      But he kept talking to me and listening to me. It is great to
      have a friend like that no matter what he can be counted on to be there
      for you.

      All so when he say it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do he means
      it to.

      I’m looking forward to getting to know you better Veronica and I hope you
      and I develop a great friendship like I’ve with Stan.

  9. adrianklein Says:

    He is indeed a great dude and a nice friend. I think this is a nice post. Don’t think this sums up all about him, being a very complex person. But I’ll say it makes a good brief introduction.

    I don’t yet understand how he function. But sometimes he makes me feel good even for a short chat, he’s a patient listener and yes a problem solver.

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Hello Adrian

      You are rite about this not summing Stan up. But I did my best.
      I all so wrote some other blogs on him on the site we met on.
      I think I’ve done 3 to 5 my more blogs on Stan.

      I all so agree with you he a nice friend. It will take you awhile
      to figure out how he functions. I’ve know him for 3 years and I’m
      still learning about him more and more each day. He can be a
      very quite person at times.

      He is a very patient listener and a very wise man. You never know
      what he going to do or come up with but I can tell you this he is one
      amazing person.


  10. tectDeepleTip Says:

    Bravo, what necessary words…, a remarkable idea

  11. Christia Hurford Says:

    You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be really something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

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