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Moving My Blog Come Check My New Blog Out.

June 22, 2013





I’m moving my blog to

I will continue to write about my family and much more on m new blog.

Thank you to my many readers who have supported me here for over 3 years, I hope you will continue to visit me and my family in our new online home. I look forward to seeing you there.
Check out my new post: Welcome to Mom of Eight

Mothers day isn’t about having gifts or cake

May 13, 2013


Mother’s day to me isn’t about having gifts or cakes, even though it is nice to have them and more.
For me it is about the family coming together and showing their love for me. I’m happy with just a hug and
kisses, and hearing those four words ” I love you, Mom.”


That is what Mom’s day is to me.
My Mother’s day started on Saturday, when our daughter Heather, who is 18 asked if she could do my nails. I told her she could, and so we went outside and sat on the porch. It was a nice sunny day, but a little bit windy.
Heather asked if this Sunday was Mom’s day and I told her yes, so she told me that she doing my nails was my Mom’s
day gift! She painted them light blue with glitter, and put blue heart stickers on them. They looked so pretty.
Our youngest son Donnie who is 10, came outside also and just played around for a little bit. 
Alll of a sudden I hear Donnie say “Here Mom”. I look down and he is handing me a rock. He had found a black maker under the porch and the rock had a face on it; the nose was a little heart. Did he stop there, not at all, he made another rock face, this time a baby one with “I love you ” on the back of it. Then he made another rock with Mom on it. I ended up with a wonderful collection of rocks from our son. He loves rocks and giving them to Mom for Mother’s day.
I also got some wonderful cards from the kids, which they all had picked out for me. They had also picked out a card from my hubby because he can’t get out himself.
However my husband had me up at 5:45 am to watch a song by Adam Sandler which he sang to his Mom, and my hubby thought it was cute.The song was ” Why I Love MOM”.
Angel is 15 and I went to church with her at 10 am.  it was such a wonderful service and after the service was over the younger kids passed out chocolate covered strawberries which were really yummy.
We came home and Heather gave me a Best Mom’s award.
Our son John who 23, and his girl friend Cathie who is 24 gave me a dolphin necklace. The necklace had a gold Mom dolphin and a silver baby dolphin.
Matthew who is 12,  made me dinner of cheese burgers, curly fries and cheese fries.
The girls and Donnie made me cake balls, and 2 cakes. One cake was with chocolate and sunflower seeds and both cakes with chocolate frosting. Yes, I love chocolate.
We had cake and milk. 
I also got a call from Crystal who is 26 wishing me a happy Mom’s day, and Kim who is 25 wished me happy Mom’s day on Facebook.
It was such a wonderful Mom’s day.
I love you Crystal, Kim, John, Daniel, Heather, Angel, Matthew, Donnie.
Thanks for a wonderful Mom’s day.
Love mom xoxox
It was such a wonderful Mom’s day because I had most of my family
at home with me, and our other two daughters remembered me to wish me
a happy Mom’s day.  It ended with hugs and kisses from all kids and “I love
you Mom”

Thank you for reading my post. Please feel free to
leave a comment or questions below.

Bonnie Squires

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