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50 Blog Ideas Thanks Martha & Susanna

May 9, 2013

I’m a member of a face book group. Martha Giffen
ask  Have you set your goals? A written set of goals

will help you get to the finish line with flying colors. Try it!

Most ever ones answer was yes and some of put our goals
for the week that we was doing. Mine was blogging. and Susanna Huse
was blogging to but couldn’t think of any thing. So Martha Giffen
gave here 50 blogging tips and so I’m just adding my 2 cents to
this list. I hope you like it.

1. Gardening

2. Cake decorating

3. Fishing

4. Sports

5. Cars

6. Kids

7. Fund raising

8. Home schooling

9. Photos

10. Scrap booking

11. Music

12. Kids

13. Dogs

14. Cats

15. Bikes

16. Camping

17. Losing weight

18. Your life story

19. Kids Crafts

20. Training dogs

21. Church

22. Hobbies you like to do

23. Healthy snacks or food

24. Candy

25. Gifts for birthday’s,moms day or dad’s day

27. Decor 

28. Wines

29. Soft drinks

30. Nature

31. Paying it forward good deed

32. Caring for your parents

33. Disable

34. Brag about some thing you did

35. Write a review on a movie 

36. Do a blog post on some one you like on twitter

37. Fashions

38 V action

39. Where would you like to travel to

40. Do a blog on family history

41. Do a blog on a fav. teacher

42. Do a follow Friday blog on several people
you like

43. How many states have you been to.

44. Funny pictures

45. Do a blog on 25 thing no one new about you.
I’ve on I did with 50+ things about me.

46. If you could be any one in the world

47. Things your mom said when you was young
now you say it to your children

48. Who do you love and why

49. Inspirational blog 

50. A prayer blog.

Thank you Martha Giffen and Susanna Huse for getting
me thinking again about different blogs. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this blog and found it helpful

Please leave comments and questions below 

Thank you
Bonnie Squires

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