What I Think Of Twitter

Twitter is very addictive.

I thought this clip of the hamster
was funny. So lets do the Twitter dance with the hamster. Lets Twit here and now Twit to the right and oh please do re twit to. Ok i’m tired
being silly now.

Twitter reminds me of a mini blog
or like the wall on face book.

You can follow and one on Twitter
and they can follow you.

Not sure why any one is following me.
I’m not even sure if i’m giving any help to any one yet.

I know i’ve found some things interesting on Twitter. Video’s,
jokes,blogs,drawing and so much

You can find people talking about news,business,social media,food,kids
and just about any thing there is to talk about.

This is just my thoughts on Twitter
so ever one lets go have some fun
on Twitter and Tweet and re tweet
threw Twitter

So come follow me on Twitter

4 Responses to “What I Think Of Twitter”

  1. Paula Says:

    Oh, Bonnie that video is adorable. I enjoyed this blog. Thanks for inviting me to read it!!!

  2. Marie Says:

    Bonnie – I love twitter! You get a chance to meet so many wonderful people. Everyone has so much that we can learn from!

    That is what prompted me to write the @oprah and @aplusk article. They truly are missing out.

    Thanks for sending me your link. I appreciate it.

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