What is Mrtweet on Twitter

Mr Tweet (@MrTweet) was recommended to me by another Twitter follower. When I was new to twitter. Thanks @stevenpitts

Mr Tweet is a service on Twitter that lets you thank your followers or tell them how much you appreciate them.
Ever time a follower leaves you a thank you or a praise Mr tweet will send you a notice letting you know.

Than there is a second part to Mr tweet.
They will recommend people for you to follow. It will show you who has recommended them and why.

Both recommends and thank you are recorded and kept on your page so you can see them.

I don’t see any draw backs to this service.

I believe this service bring value to the Twitter community. By letting people no they are appreciate that you bring value to there life.

Thanks for looking at my blog and please leave a comment if you liked it.

You can contact me on Twitter

8 Responses to “What is Mrtweet on Twitter”

  1. Debbie Reynolds Says:

    I enjoy the little peeks I get of your blog through twitter. Wish I could figure out how to follow you. Will figure it out sooner or later.

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Thanks Debbie for the comment.
      I’m glad you like my blogs.

      It is very simple to follow me on twitter.
      Just click the link on the bottom of the page.
      It has You can contact me on Twitter.

      If you need any more help just let me know.

  2. papawu1 Says:

    Thanx for the info. I have been recommended by friends in the past, but didn’t really know what it was. Just today, I recommended a couple of friends for the first time. I think I will be doing it more often now that I understand it a little better.

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Your very welcome. You click the link that comes from Mrtweet and than a screen pops up asking if you will allow or deny service. If you alloy it than you can see ever one who has recommended you
      and ever one you have recommended to.

  3. @hannibal666 Says:

    I like your enthusiasm for Twitter. What are your plans?

    • bonnie67 Says:

      Thanks Tim for your comments.
      I enjoy Twitter allot. Learning all
      I can and how Twitter and social networks sites and social media
      helps business. Hoping to learn enough
      to promote my business and help other to learn how social network and
      social media can help there business.

  4. @hannibal666 Says:

    Maybe we can do something together.


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