Would you Help Aunt Brenda With A Down Payment For A Car.

July 10, 2015

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Aunt Brenda became a widow 7 years ago. Her and Uncle Larry
has one son, name Shane.

This has left Aunt Brenda single and raising Shane on her own
and they are on a fixed income.

Aunt Brenda has never asked for help before or any thing.
So I’m trying to help her and Shane out. Uncle Larry and
Aunt Brenda was there for us when we needed it. Now I’m hoping
to help her and Shane out.

What Aunt Brenda needs is a down payment for car good running car.
The down payment is $800 she needs.

So if you could please help that would be great.

You can contact me or Aunt Brenda on Face book.

Bonnie Squires

You can all so make a comment below. Thank you and God Bless

August 10, 2013


I’m wrighting this blog in hopes it will help my friend. She is a wonderful
kind caring lady. I all so belive in people being free and not sold or traded
or any thing ever one should be free. Just think if this was your child wouldn’t
you want some one helping you. I know i would.



Who are you? My name is Nisha Varghese I am a 22-year-old daughter/sister/blogger/philanthropist from South Africa who just happens to have Cerebral Palsy I can’t walk or use my right arm properly but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming big or trying to make this world a better place.

Why raise money to help end modern day slavery? I am raising money to help end modern day slavery because I believe EVERYBODY should be free to change the world in their own way. Why raise money for the Not For Sale Campaign specifically? I chose to raise money for the Not For Sale Campaign because they rescue and empower victims of modern day slavery. What is your goal? My goal is to raise $1 000 for the Not For Sale Campaign through my fundraising page before 15 October 2013 I’ve raised $770 so far.

Where can people make donations? People can make donations through my fundraising page http://www.grouprev.com/slaverymustend . How can people contact you? People can visit my blog or contact me via Twitter @nisha360 , Facebook www.facebook.com/adventuresofme or email adventuresofme@hotmail.co.za.

Yours sincerely, Nisha

Thank you for helping Nisha reach her goals


Moving My Blog Come Check My New Blog Out.

June 22, 2013





I’m moving my blog to momofeight.com

I will continue to write about my family and much more on m new blog.

Thank you to my many readers who have supported me here for over 3 years, I hope you will continue to visit me and my family in our new online home. I look forward to seeing you there.
Check out my new post: Welcome to Mom of Eight

Mothers day isn’t about having gifts or cake

May 13, 2013


Mother’s day to me isn’t about having gifts or cakes, even though it is nice to have them and more.
For me it is about the family coming together and showing their love for me. I’m happy with just a hug and
kisses, and hearing those four words ” I love you, Mom.”


That is what Mom’s day is to me.
My Mother’s day started on Saturday, when our daughter Heather, who is 18 asked if she could do my nails. I told her she could, and so we went outside and sat on the porch. It was a nice sunny day, but a little bit windy.
Heather asked if this Sunday was Mom’s day and I told her yes, so she told me that she doing my nails was my Mom’s
day gift! She painted them light blue with glitter, and put blue heart stickers on them. They looked so pretty.
Our youngest son Donnie who is 10, came outside also and just played around for a little bit. 
Alll of a sudden I hear Donnie say “Here Mom”. I look down and he is handing me a rock. He had found a black maker under the porch and the rock had a face on it; the nose was a little heart. Did he stop there, not at all, he made another rock face, this time a baby one with “I love you ” on the back of it. Then he made another rock with Mom on it. I ended up with a wonderful collection of rocks from our son. He loves rocks and giving them to Mom for Mother’s day.
I also got some wonderful cards from the kids, which they all had picked out for me. They had also picked out a card from my hubby because he can’t get out himself.
However my husband had me up at 5:45 am to watch a song by Adam Sandler which he sang to his Mom, and my hubby thought it was cute.The song was ” Why I Love MOM”.
Angel is 15 and I went to church with her at 10 am.  it was such a wonderful service and after the service was over the younger kids passed out chocolate covered strawberries which were really yummy.
We came home and Heather gave me a Best Mom’s award.
Our son John who 23, and his girl friend Cathie who is 24 gave me a dolphin necklace. The necklace had a gold Mom dolphin and a silver baby dolphin.
Matthew who is 12,  made me dinner of cheese burgers, curly fries and cheese fries.
The girls and Donnie made me cake balls, and 2 cakes. One cake was with chocolate and sunflower seeds and both cakes with chocolate frosting. Yes, I love chocolate.
We had cake and milk. 
I also got a call from Crystal who is 26 wishing me a happy Mom’s day, and Kim who is 25 wished me happy Mom’s day on Facebook.
It was such a wonderful Mom’s day.
I love you Crystal, Kim, John, Daniel, Heather, Angel, Matthew, Donnie.
Thanks for a wonderful Mom’s day.
Love mom xoxox
It was such a wonderful Mom’s day because I had most of my family
at home with me, and our other two daughters remembered me to wish me
a happy Mom’s day.  It ended with hugs and kisses from all kids and “I love
you Mom”

Thank you for reading my post. Please feel free to
leave a comment or questions below.

Bonnie Squires

50 Blog Ideas Thanks Martha & Susanna

May 9, 2013

I’m a member of a face book group. Martha Giffen
ask  Have you set your goals? A written set of goals

will help you get to the finish line with flying colors. Try it!

Most ever ones answer was yes and some of put our goals
for the week that we was doing. Mine was blogging. and Susanna Huse
was blogging to but couldn’t think of any thing. So Martha Giffen
gave here 50 blogging tips and so I’m just adding my 2 cents to
this list. I hope you like it.

1. Gardening

2. Cake decorating

3. Fishing

4. Sports

5. Cars

6. Kids

7. Fund raising

8. Home schooling

9. Photos

10. Scrap booking

11. Music

12. Kids

13. Dogs

14. Cats

15. Bikes

16. Camping

17. Losing weight

18. Your life story

19. Kids Crafts

20. Training dogs

21. Church

22. Hobbies you like to do

23. Healthy snacks or food

24. Candy

25. Gifts for birthday’s,moms day or dad’s day

27. Decor 

28. Wines

29. Soft drinks

30. Nature

31. Paying it forward good deed

32. Caring for your parents

33. Disable

34. Brag about some thing you did

35. Write a review on a movie 

36. Do a blog post on some one you like on twitter

37. Fashions

38 V action

39. Where would you like to travel to

40. Do a blog on family history

41. Do a blog on a fav. teacher

42. Do a follow Friday blog on several people
you like

43. How many states have you been to.

44. Funny pictures

45. Do a blog on 25 thing no one new about you.
I’ve on I did with 50+ things about me.

46. If you could be any one in the world

47. Things your mom said when you was young
now you say it to your children

48. Who do you love and why

49. Inspirational blog 

50. A prayer blog.

Thank you Martha Giffen and Susanna Huse for getting
me thinking again about different blogs. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this blog and found it helpful

Please leave comments and questions below 

Thank you
Bonnie Squires

Every women should have a mammogram.

May 9, 2013

This isn’t easy for me to write. I’m very lucky
so far. It took me 10 years before I would have
mammogram done. New York starts them at
35 other places starts them at 40.

I’ve my Aunt Carol and my Aunt Ruth to thank
for talking me into getting a mammogram. If I
never found out that 3 of my aunts had passed
away from breast cancer and 1 survived breast
cancer I don’t think i would have had one.

Reason being is I had heard so many bad things
about getting a mammogram. Like they put your
breast in this machine and squeeze your breast
till they are flat and hurts really bad. Yes they do
put your breast in a machine but that don’t squeeze
them till they are flat. Yes there is discomfort but it
isn’t that bad.

I’ve had my 2nd mammogram now and waiting on
the results to come back. I should know by Monday
the results of my mammogram. I’m praying it comes
out ok. But if not I will handle it just like I’ve with the
rest of my life and with Gods help and family and friends
support I’ll make threw any thing.

I hope all women and men do self exams so they
can catch it early.

Mammogram does saves lives. Please all my women friend
get your mammogram if your doctor has told you to. I want all
you healthy and around for a long time to come. All so to you men to. 

Please leave any questions or comments below

Thank you
Bonnie Squires.

What is it like to have Cataracts.

May 3, 2013

I’ve to say having cataracts is no fun at all.
I’ve had cataracts for several months now
my be longer.

It started off with me noticing that my eyes
was focusing rite. What I mean by this is
that when I wake up thing was blurry and
I would rub my eyes some times this would
help some times it wouldn’t. 

I frigged it was time to go to the eye doctors.
I went had my eye exam and was told I had
cataracts and I was shocked because I didn’t
think some one in there 40’s could get cataracts.
So the eye doctor sent me to a specialist and he
confirmed what the eye doctor said and I watched 
a movie on it. The doctor asked if I had any questions
which I didn’t. Because when I was first told I came home
and started looking up cataracts on the web and watched
a video on how they do the surgery.

I can’t say I’m looking forward to it because I’m scared
about having my eyes cut open a little bit but I do look
forward to wear I can see again. I my not even need my
glasses for distance once I;ve the  cataracts removed.

But rite now it is getting harder and harder to see. I see
better during the day than at night time. my right eye is
worse than the left and that will be done May 21st.

Ritte now it is hard for me to see to write this. I’ve my
texts at 150 and it seems so small to me. Allot of times
our kids will read things to me.

Durning the day if i go outside and its a bright sunny day
I can’t see allot of times 1 of the kids will hold my hand and
take me into where ever I’m going. It makes me feel helpless
when they have to help me like that. Than there times our
kids for get I can’t see and wil ask if I’m blind. Angel our daughter
will say that’s mean you no mom can;t see well.

All so I’ve notice I’m having trouble telling dark blues and blacks
socks pants ect apart and some times purples and blues if they
are dark.

Not be able to see makes ever thing so much harder to do. Some times
people just don’t no what its like. I know it doesn’t hurt for the older kids
to help around the house or with the younger kids but it makes me feel
use less like I’m not good for any thing any more. I guess I just got use to
doing for my family that its hard not to do. But I do love them for ever thing
that they have done for me. As our daughter Angel has said to me that is
what family is for to be there for each other.

I know with Gods will my sight will be restored to good health again.

Thank you for reading my blog and please leave questions or comments

God bless you all

Bonnie Squires

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Where Has Bonnie Been

April 9, 2013

I’m not writing this blog for any one to feel sorry 
for me or take pitty on me. I’m hoping what I write
here will help some one else so they know they aren’t
alone in this world I’m here for any one.

I would love to say I’ve been to Disney with my family.
But the truth is I’ve been very sick. I though 2013 that
my health would be better than years before. Not so.

I’ve cataracts in both eyes which makes it hard to see
and write and to correct words when they are wrong.
This is one reason I stopped blogging and commenting
on Facebook,Twitter,Google plus and other sites. Because
I’m tired of hearing don’t you know how to write or that’s why
there is spell check. The thing is I can’t see the small words.
My texts is set at 150 and there are times I still can’t see.
I will know on may 1st if I can have my eyes done.


I need an ok from my doctor because I was in the hospital for 2 and a 1/2 which seemed like a life time to me.
I need to go back in September for another enderscope to see if the lump in my chest has gotten bigger.

I’ll be getting my teeth done next month so I can get my hip replaced.

I want to thank all the groups I belong to for not kicking me out.

I;m not a quiter I’m a fighter and I will keep
fighting and God will be there holding my hand.

I’ve joined a wonderful prayer group and I’m helping out in the group. I’ve all so been sending message to members of the group that
need some one and I will be trying to expand this
with my own church now I’ve a directy of church members. This way I feel like i’m doing some thing and I don’t feel use less now.

I would like to thank MaryLou Drury,Donna E White-Platt,Starlette Mitchell Vaughn ,Jim Russell,Delphine Noon Bebo,Julia Latto
for being there when I needed a ear or a shoulder
to cry on and helping me threw this time.

I hope you will comment me or ask questions

God bless ever one

Bonnie Squires

Help Katie Go To NJ To Help Hurricane Sandy People

December 7, 2012

I’m writing this blog in the hope of
helping my friend Katie out. She has
has a wonderful chance to go and help
out Hurricane Sandy People. There was so
much devastation there that the good lord
has called on Katie and her church to help
out. This blog is my way of helping out
Katie out.

If you can not give any money please share
this on other social media site you are on
and say a prayer that Kathie you raise the
funds she need.

This is what Kathie had to say.

I am going on a mission trip to Galloway NJ to help with the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I am going with a church group. We are going on Wednesday December 19th-22. If anyone would like to help donate money for me to get there. I need $120 by December 11th. Thank you. You can make checks payable to Grace Community Church and send to 8200 Old Columbia Road Fulton, MD 2075. Please put on the check Katie Hartnett
So the church knows who it is for. If you don’t want to send a check
and would like to send it to pay pal you can send it to my pay pal
bonnie.s.squires@gmail.com and I will send a check for Kathie.
Any bit helps.

• Help support our Church partners in a variety of ways
• All aspects of church and home reconstruction and repair
• Cooking for your team (or a season of teams) &/or helping with meal preparation or cleanup
• Maintenance of the church & warehouse facilities
• Prayer Walks in the areas of homeowners whose homes are being repaired
• Prayer warriors for the area of churches
• Home visits in the neighborhoods to build relationships, to disciple new believers, etc.
• There is an ongoing need for people with the gift of serving, evangelism and empathy
• Administrative work
• Help with block parties to our friends in the neighborhoods – as a form of loving them for
Christ Jesus and building relationships

Thank you for reading my blog.
Please leave comments or questions
in the comment below.

Have a great day
Bonnie Squires

Bonnie on twitter

I need your Love!

January 31, 2012

I need your Love

We welcome each new year with much anticipation and enthusiasm. But the new year doesn’t bring the change we want. Because we never (or rarely) do what it takes to make change happen. We just wait for wonderful things to happen. Fall out of the sky. Like winning the lottery. But it doesn’t work that way. Not for me anyway. Know what I mean?

2012 is as hard as 2011. Maybe, it’s going to get even harder. My hubby is sick. The love of my life is sick. He might not make it.

He hasn’t taken care of himself. He hasn’t fought for his health. He didn’t even let me or anyone help him. He just keeps getting worse.

It reminds me of people I care about. Bloggers. People on Twitter too. They aren’t getting anywhere. They can’t pay their bills, their taking money from their family, and they can’t make it work.

You’re doing something wrong. I love you enough to say it.

Don’t listen to the happy talk. You’re doing something wrong and you better figure out what it is. Because the only place you are going fast is nowhere. Or maybe somewhere worse. Like Trey Pennington.

Hubby hasn’t seen a doctor in six years. My son finally got him to the emergency room the other night because his legs were ulcerating. Yellow pus was leaking from a dozen or more blisters and welts.

The doctor said hubby drinks too much water which is causing kidney failure and extreme water retention in his legs. Hubby’s complaints of chest pain led led to an x-ray that night which identified a blood clot in his lungs.

Of course, Hubby didn’t want to hear any more bad news, so he checked himself out of the hospital before they could make more tests.

I don’t know what I’ll do without Hubby. We’ve been together 30 years. Don is the love of my life, my soul mate, and my heart. I’m afraid.

I’m afraid for you too. I’m afraid of losing you too.

My daughter’s posted on Facebook about their fears. Don read those posts and, finally, he cried. He finally understood how he was being wrong. It wasn’t just about him giving up on him. Because he was giving up on the family too.

Angel wrote:

… that’s what family’s do! They stay together and love each other. Dad be strong, I love you.

Heather wrote:

I love you so much daddy… You will make it daddy! You always were a fighter up to this day. You have to fight!

Don agreed to go back to the hospital, to fight for his life, and to fight for his family.

Don, I love you. Please fight. Fight harder than you’ve ever fought before. We need you.

My friends, I love you. Please fight harder than you ever fought before. Work together. Help each other.

Honey, I need your love.

Every time you hear this song, EVERY TIME, remember to fight. Because I need your love.

God Bless us, every one!

Bonnie Squires

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